TV Apperances
Streetball Extreme Battle For Europe - Extreme Sports Channel
The Streetball Extreme Battle for Europe TV show is a reality based show that follows the best Streetball Team in UK battle against the best teams in Europe. The team travels to 9 different destinations in Europe and come back to the UK undefeated to be crowned Kings of Europe
The Show is still currently airing on the Extreme Sports Channel and to date has the highest ratings in the history of the channel. The show Broadcasts to 50 Countries across the world

SBX - Battle for Europe

For One Night Only - ITV
For One Night Only was a prime time variety Show.
Streetball Extreme opened the show alongside 2 other acts to a live audience and over 8 Million Viewers Worldwide.
The performace was chorepgraphed freestyle routine performed by 6 freestylers at the same time.
Other performers Included Will Young, Emma B and Pink

ITV- For One Night Only

The Lick Show -MTV BASE
The Lick Show is the Uks premier Urban Music show. Big Fen was performing Streetball Exhibitions during the show on site at the Adizones courts.
The show is hosted by Trevor Nelson and Airs all over the UK and Europe

MTV Base- Lick Show

Harry Hills Tv Burp -ITV
The Harry Hill TV Burp show has featured the Streetball Extreme team in one of his episodes. We are approximately in the episode for 4.30mins of the episode.
The Show has been show on ITV2 and mainstream ITV numerous times. The show has over 4.2 million viewers per show
Breakdown - CHANNEL U

Channel U are the UKs number 1 Underground music TV network.

Streetball Extreme had their own featured section Promoting streetball Extreme using tutorial promos on the channel in between Ad breaks and Music Videos


Extreme Sports Clip- S4C

S4C is the Welsh speaking Channel 4. It is part of the Channel 4 Networks and broadcasts all over Wales.

Streetball Extreme had a featured slot on the Channel showcasing their Skills in the Extreme Sporting section of there Sunday Morning Kids Show

Other Media